About Wedding Photography

With more than 15 years of experience in model photography we have a solid reputation for providing great pictures that capture the essence of these very special moments.
Life is about creating beautiful experiences and sharing those memories with the people we love. Our big moments in life – weddings, anniversaries etc. – are part of our life’s journey.
AlbElite Design and Photography Studio is a special partnership of professional photographers. Like in any other great team we complement and motivate each other to deliver perfection to our clients in Albania. We are young, eager, curious and creative; willing to push our limits to give you the ultimate photos. We specialize in capturing the heartbeat of your wedding day, the love in your unspoken words and the story behind what makes you unique. We portray visually your wedding fairy-tale and make your story last happily ever after.
We help our clients visualize and appreciate things in a totally different, beautiful light. Our specialty is to show clients new looks, locations and colour schemes they may not have realized before. These are the elements of life that bring joy into everything you do. Every wedding couple are stars and we strive to showcase the beauty and allure of the bride along with the strength and handsomeness of the groom. We want to show off their beauty in a way that demonstrates their shared essence. The way your hands touch, the glint and love in your eyes, the joys shared amongst your family and friends. Our camera will find these precious moments and preserve it for you and everyone for all time.


More than a wedding book

From “Say yes” to “I do” to “A toast!” to “Just Married,” your love story belongs in a beautiful book, made by us. Even if you’ve never think a book before, when you see our gorgeous wedding photo books solution we are sure that you are going to change your mind—and we’ve also got designer that are perfect for serious wedding book designs.

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