“to believe, trust” representing AlbElite Consulting business philosophy.

With this philosophy behind us, AlbElite Consulting’s mission is to introduce to its clients new, value added and innovative solutions in Albania, assisting them to operate the most efficient and cost saving way in their operations.

AlbElite Consulting effort is driven exclusively by its clients’ needs, including exploring all appropriate sources and business partners. Working with dedicated partners in Albania, credo & co undertakes management advisory assignments that are designed to meet clients’ specific requirements.

AlbElite Consulting has close ties and established relationships with a network of financial institutions, accounting firms, law offices, government bureau’s and all kind of local service providers.

How can I establish a company?

How much do I need to pay for my office rent?

Where should I rent my office?

I need to hire some people. Where am I going to find these people?

What are the legal requirements for companies in Albania?


If you have one of these questions above to be answered, we can help you.