a. Bookkeeping services

AlbElite Consulting can provide to its clients with bookkeeping services based on the current accounting records and documents pertaining to such service. The bookkeeping service includes the following: 

  • Keeping the required books including:
    – General Journal (chronological register);
    – General ledger;
    – Inventory ledger;
    – Trial balance;
    – Other accounting ledgers (Fixed assets register, Purchase and Sales Ledger and others as appropriate);
  • Keeping appropriate up-to-date records according to the Albanian accounting standards;
  • Reconciliation of records with the general ledger accounts;
  • Reconciliation of accrual amounts of assets and liabilities (as determined by accounting) with the amounts recorded in the books;
  • Reconciliation of inter-company accounts;
  • Assistance in respect of annual stock take of inventory;
  • Recognition of balance sheet and profit and loss account items and valuation of such items by applying appropriate valuation principles;
  • Closing the books of account;
  • Depreciation of tangible and intangible fixed assets;
  • Preparation of annual statutory financial statements;
    – Balance sheet
    – Profit and Loss account
    – Notes to annual financial statements

b. Payroll services

Based on the labor documentation pertaining to the Client and its employees such as employment agreements, salaries or other incomes related to the employment, such document to be supplied by the Client to AlbElite Consulting, the latter will offer the service of:

  • Preparation of the employment contracts to be signed by both parties;
  • Preparation of payroll for the employees of the company, including the calculation of:
    – Salaries;
    – Social security contributions;
    – Health insurance contributions;
  • Completion and submission of social security and health insurance returns;
  • Completion and presenting of the payroll and each employee’s personal salary payment form

c. Preparation of the financial Statements

Based on the accounting records AlbElite Consulting can prepare annual FS under the Albanian accounting rules.

d. Preparation of monthly tax return

Based on the documentation presented by the Client, AlbElite Consulting can prepare monthly tax return as VAT Books and VAT Declaration, Social and health return, personal tax return and other books or declaration required by tax office.


a. Consultancy on accounting

AlbElite Consulting provides to its clients with general advises in the accounting field for the application of the accounting rules of GAP and other legal requirements regarding to the accounting and Annual Financial Statements (FS), proper documentation, etc.

b. Consultancy on Tax Issues

AlbElite Consulting undertakes to examine potential problems or conflicts that its clients may have with the tax authorities any time that its clients refers such problems. AlbElite Consulting can proceed with providing advice and suggestions necessary for the legal settlement of such problems or can initiate administrative procedures with the tax authorities.
c. Updating with the changes in the Albanian legislation in the accounting and tax

AlbElite Consulting shall provide to its clients with the service of the information about the changes happened on the Albanian tax and accounting legislation.



Based on the Albanian laws a company should have one administrator on the payroll. This person must have work permission and residency in Albania. If requested by the Client, AlbElite Consulting can provide an administrator to its clients with limited power granted by the Client through a power of attorney. The administrator will be responsible of representing the Client against the tax office and government offices, arrange banking transactions (prepare the payment orders and send them to the Client for approval), etc.

Weekly and monthly reporting will be done by the administrator to the mother company.

Empty Conference Room


AlbElite Consulting can offer a fully furnished office space to its clients including office desk, telephones, fax, laptops, printers, scanner, A/C, electricity and dedicated telephone line to be paid by the Client. A secretarial service is also offered within the office space.

The Client can also use AlbElite Consulting’s office for legal purposes. The Client can have only an office address in Tirana for establishment of the company and tax submissions.



AlbElite Consulting can offer legal services to its clients. The arrangement can be made on a monthly basis or case by case basis.



AlbElite Consulting follows up closely all the road construction, sewerage system and construction tenders in Albania. We guide our clients who are planning to take part in Europen Community, World Bank and other European banks’ financed tenders during the preparation process as well as after the tender being obtained in regards of gathering a subcontractor and/or procurement process.

Due to the payment issues in tenders financed by the government and Municipalities we prefer not to give any consultancy to our clients. By arranging subcontractors from Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro our clients can leverage their mobilisation and labor cost significantly.